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At Marathon, we believe that our empowerment fuels success

Marathon works on the belief that their best people should be given opportunities to grow and thrive in a fast paced, technology driven culture.

Marathon empowers employees to always think ahead, giving the tools and training necessary to keep attaining new levels of success for themselves and the clients.

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Why Marathon?

There is such a thing as free lunch. And that's just the beginning...


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Marathon has been named one of the "Best Places to Work in NJ", and this isn't a coincidence.

Learn about our employee benefits, perks & awards that set Marathon apart from the crowd.

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When we say we're growing, we mean it!


58% of our employees have been hired in the last 2 years and and 16% of those hires were referred by Marathon employees.

Our Culture

Our awesome office and perks are just the start. We give the word "team" a whole new meaning...


Marathon Teamwork

At Marathon you are encouraged to provide the best of yourself to deliver service and solutions that make a real difference in the lives of the clients and their businesses.

Teams and individuals are rewarded for their ideas and ability to bring them to focus.

Experience Our Culture

Our employees are raving fans

Read it straight from the source.  We really do walk the walk...

"I love Marathon because they care so much about their employees. I attribute my professional growth over these last eight years to this company who has believed in me since day one."

-Nicole Trivigno
Office Manager
with Marathon since 2005


"I love Marathon because we're encouraged to test new ideas, tools and programs to help drive MDS companies and clients success."

-Megan Gimbar
with Marathon since 2014


"I love Marathon because of the people I get to work with on a daily basis. Everyone here is like a giant family. Even though we have 100+ people working here, everyone knows everyone's name and I love that."

-Vinnie Thomas
with Marathon since 2012


"I love Marathon because we have great customers who treat us like a partner instead of a vendor and because we have great employees who like to have fun and try to do the right thing for those customers and their teammates!"

-Chris Sullens
CEO & President
with Marathon since 2008


"I love Marathon because I have never been happier to come to work each day! Marathon is a company that truly cares for its employees & customers and strives to turn everyone into a raving fan!"

-Amanda Lindstrom
with Marathon since 2013


"I love Marathon because everyone shares the common desire to do what's best for our clients, each other and the company. We truly work as a team and care for each other as a second family."

-Kelly Gliatta
VP of Customer Support
with Marathon since 1999


"I love Marathon because I have the opportunity everyday to change people's lives. I get to sell a suite of products and services that have the potential of really making a difference in my customer's businesses and their future!"

-Renata Rasp
with Marathon since 2008


"I love Marathon because they have given me numerous opportunities to do all of the things I love. I get to travel, help our customers, and work with a group of great people who make me laugh everyday."

-Danielle Woolley
Senior Support & Training
with Marathon since 2006


"I love Marathon because I love to create awesome software."

-Jason Kochel
Chief Solutions Architect
with Marathon since 1996


"The best job I ever had! I love working in a true team environment. "

-Lynn Martin, Boston Office
Account Executive
with Marathon since 2007


"I like working at Marathon Data Systems because they are invested in my development and growth."

-Jonathan Santos, Boston office
with Marathon since 2012